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From the time of when I began freelancing, a large component of which was driving me to overcome every obstacle was my clientele. Making people look and feel good was my biggest motivation and has remained so even till this day. Makeup, in many ways, goes far beyond being simply skin deep, makeup has the ability to empower, because looking and feeling good is very empowering.

Throughout my journey, social media has gained more and more importance and therefore allowed for multiple platforms at which a range of interactive content is created. Social media is an amazing forum that connects people whom are both inspired by you and are inspiring. Reigniting my YouTube channel is simply another platform where I’m able to interact with all of you in a different way. The nature of my recent video is a Q&A of the most requested questions that I commonly get asked in relation to my work & personal life.

 I talk about everything from my work ethic, to my experiences in the industry, my family life and more.

Stay turned for lots more to come.

Melissa Sassine xxx

“Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life, it is about what you inspire others to do” – Melissa Sassine